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Bored of that now
If you like it then you should'a put your peen in socket.
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:30, archived)
i just made myself lol
i was looking up chicken chasseur, found this link,
read few of the comments, and a box popped up, asking how to improve the site, and i put 'foood', i'm still happy, i am mashed mind
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:36, archived)
The wwwwwwwelsh
bbc news page asked me the same survey question three times.
"What brought you here?"
I gave it straight, a man must know of local chicken thieves and rampaging zombie sheep.
EDIT: That recipe is far too technical with all its splashing and tipping antics.
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:45, archived)
i was looking it up as i didn't even know what it was, i was gonna do a chicken massuer/chasseur gag for /bored, cant be fucked now

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:50, archived)
I would say
deep fry the cunt! But I'm on a healthy eating mission.
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:52, archived)
i'm on a seafood diet

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:55, archived)
You don't even like fish you cunt.

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:12, archived)
i love fish, how could you say that? sadtimes

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:16, archived)
I went for a cig at my porch
And saw a massive fucking blob of an animal, i assumed it was baldmonkey a badger or the fox i saw earlier. It murmurmed and growlmumed and went "GRaWrAwrmmmmARGGGG...Gr......GRARGBLHS!" And i really did think "oh fuck, if that's not a badger i better extinguish this fag prompto and run in house" then it went "meow" I think i have a wet patch after laughing so hard at a wild cat losing all grip on any surface beneath it and head-ramming a pile of bricks.
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:14, archived)
daw, i wuv kittys

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:30, archived)

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:36, archived)
oh god
took me a minute to recover from the lols there.
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 8:50, archived)
do you only eat food beginning with sea?

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:14, archived)
possibly, who wants to know? you aint seafood sally are you? i said i'd pay in 2 weeks

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:17, archived)
how am I supposed to budget for cockles with this sort of attitude

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:39, archived)
look. two weeks, i'm good for it, any chance of some winkles tomorrow tho, on the slate, even half a pint will do, pls

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:45, archived)
ok ok I guess but you'll need to find someway to 'pay'
you should try some of these Hebridean Peat Smoked Scallops, I'll give you an first time discount. They're some premo dank
(, Sun 29 Apr 2012, 0:10, archived)
you cant 'stir through the parsley' either, parsley is a solid aint it, i could be wrong, i'm no chef

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:54, archived)
you want a parsley hammer mate, get it into a paste first

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:00, archived)
i thought parsley was just a garnish on fish or summat :(

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:06, archived)
parsley's a lion

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:10, archived)
man, how the shit do i stir through a lion? this foood thing is mental, i'm glad i dont care about it

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:13, archived)
how do you get it to stay on the hook?

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:12, archived)
ooh new thread time

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:15, archived)
off da hook

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:37, archived)
you gots da lines

(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 23:39, archived)
I'm sorry, what was the question again?
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:40, archived)
Name that bread bukkake movie
(, Sat 28 Apr 2012, 22:49, archived)