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I've decided I need a mixer now.
6 or 8 jack plug inputs to a stereo phono output with individual volume controls. That's all. Sort it out for me.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 12:45, archived)
Will do, Boss

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 12:52, archived)
Also, I have no money to spend on it.

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 12:52, archived)
sell a kidney
preferably your own
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:30, archived)
I hear they're like antique vases and you'll get a better price for a pair

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:02, archived)
that's fine it's on me

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 13:43, archived)
This'll do:
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:43, archived)
fuck Nevada
When I get my Les Paul I'm fucked if I'm buying it there
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:45, archived)
I buy stuff in there all the time now just to fund their persecution of cunts like you.

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:48, archived)
Well if they don't want me to spend my money in their shop, it's entirely up to them
GAK is way better. But further away of course.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:51, archived)
That's Nevada's main selling point for me, to be honest.
I can have the thing I want NOW.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:53, archived)
In spite of being able to get things cheaper elsewhere?

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:56, archived)
dude, I'll do you a good deal on gak, no rubbish

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:54, archived)
Nah, I'm good man

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:57, archived)
I have one with about 8 inputs and stereo jack outputs
not sure if it's got phonos. I don't use it and you can have it but I'm not going to post it coz I can't be bothered. It's near Reading. If you want it I'll take a pic so you can see what it's got.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:36, archived)
That's cool, man.
But I'll get me mam to buy me this one for my birthday.
(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:43, archived)
i said me mam to sound northern like you

(, Tue 8 May 2012, 14:44, archived)