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(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:44, archived)
alright cowfoot.
I'm just watching a film with tom hanks in it rather than the football. And I've only got about a quarter of a bottle of wine left.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:48, archived)
You should smash it and cut your wrists

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:53, archived)
it has been rough today, grrr is being mean, and now spain have scored :(

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:51, archived)
Don't let it get to you, mongy
these cunts don't know how special you are.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:52, archived)
spain is one of the few countries i haven't caused a proper fucking mess in when abroad, and i'm going to po land net month on a mission and hoped grrr would meet for a pint, shits now all fucked up

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:54, archived)
I'm off to spain in a couple of weeks
I can cause a fucking scene over there if you want. I wouldn't worry about grrr, he'd only have chatted about motors then begged you to take him back to England.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:58, archived)
go and see my dearest b and give him a big kiss from me, i'll be right

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:03, archived)
I've tried to tempt him into posting old rave tracks on my fuckbook page this evening
he hasn't replied yet, the little minx.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:05, archived)
he can be well saucy, did you ever go on site at stratford? i got offered a start there today, dunno if i fancy it

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:09, archived)
Was there for a week last year
mental fucking security, couldn't nip out for a cig, full of forrins, fuck that. I'd go back if they started throwing money at it, but doesn't seem like it's happening.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:10, archived)
bit of dough coming sparks way at the min, but i dont dig all that security shit, i cant be caged, i'm a wild creature man, need to roam

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:13, archived)
We're all children of the universe
and made of stardust anyway. Except that cunt who used to dance on The Hitman and Her, black bloke with blonde hair, he was made of shit and twigs the cunt.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:22, archived)
yeah, whatever

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:41, archived)
exactly, i'll be all beer and birds anyway, no time for you

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:47, archived)
polki won't touch you mate, there's genuine micks over here already
not half-breeds
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:05, archived)
you are so cruel, im all :(
i thought you'd put a banner up when i fly in on the 29th
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:11, archived)
fly into krakow babice, yeah?

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:16, archived)
nah, think it is called modding or some shit, wizz airline bollocks, i fly cheap

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:20, archived)
ha, good luck with that
Modlin, the poxy shit immigrant airport they opened just for wizzair, to keep the povvos out of the capital.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:21, archived)
I'd offer to pick you up
but you don't want to get Nissan on you
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:22, archived)
i was gifted a micra once, it was a good car, sold for good money too

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:28, archived)
it dont really bother me grrr, i've slummed in most places, i'm only there to sort out some holiday inn shit

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:24, archived)
Fuck me, that's 500m from my office

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:28, archived)
seems a resonable distance, let us not get the courts involved

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:30, archived)
find your own fucking boozer then

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:33, archived)
hey, dont worry about me, i went abroad once, isle of sheppy, still was ok

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:48, archived)
I bet you end up in an expat bar

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:51, archived)
like fuck, i wander and speak to cabbies, they know booze and whores

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 22:00, archived)
smashing, you alright cowfoot?

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 19:58, archived)
Not bad, ta
I was given the advice "drive a fucking digger through it then burn it" today. It's possibly the best bit of advice I've ever been given.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:00, archived)
now all you need to do is get a digger.

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:08, archived)
i can get a digger, got a bunch of keys for diggers and forkies

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:10, archived)
looks like cowfoot is all set.

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:14, archived)
did the olympic torch shit scare scotland mark? i was waiting for a ned to cook h on one

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:18, archived)
we're confused as to why it's here, seen as the games are in London.
I don't think anyone can afford scag now, they just cut some speed in with talc. sadtimes :'(
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:20, archived)
i dont get any of this torch stuff, i think they hope the rest of the uk will inspire london to give a fuck about anyone other than themselves, good luck on that
i feel sorry for skag heads, we get a bad press man, that shit is so cash
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:23, archived)
I think they're playing some of the footy games across the country

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:28, archived)
yeah, and the sailing shit is down south somewhere, gonna proper harsh my buzz for 2 months mark i dont mind telling you, i drive into london everyday, shit is proper shit

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:32, archived)

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:33, archived)
i no, i was supposed to be having the summer off, get myself a bit of a summer romance, summer loving, happens so fast, but no, i'm fucking commited to eating pounds like a fucking pac man :(

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:35, archived)
as if London ain't pricey enough, olympics are gonna make it far worse.

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:38, archived)
london might be pricey, but some of us are well cheap, if you get my offer of cheap sex and drugs that i was implying in my opening remark
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:46, archived)

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:05, archived)
more fruit than del monte

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:16, archived)
Reckon it would work any better if you drove a fucking digger through it
and then burnt it?
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:24, archived)
fucking hell, that is good advice!

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:28, archived)
Yes! My venus flytrap arrived.

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:37, archived)
Drive a fucking digger through it then burn it

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:40, archived)
they die, had em, you need an aquarium to get them to row properly, hope that helps

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:41, archived)
nah those are for fish, you need the plant one

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 20:58, archived)
It's ok, I'm a pro.
(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 22:15, archived)
go to bed dad, you're drunk

(, Thu 14 Jun 2012, 21:13, archived)