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I think Holy Bible is utterly brilliant
I'm not ashamed
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:39, archived)
Each to their own.
I can't afford to fall out with you as well as manolith.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:44, archived)
Why should we fall out?
I shall promise you this. Should we ever meet in person, I promise not to play any Manic Street Preachers at full volume. Deal?
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:46, archived)
I think we're doing the internet wrong.
Neither of us is getting particularly angry.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:52, archived)
I'm not going to get angry over a band
What am I, 15?
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:56, archived)

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:00, archived)
stone, maybe

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:03, archived)
My shadow weighs 15 stone

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:32, archived)
to be fair, if you tolerate this
then your children will be next
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:01, archived)
I'm angry about how upset you aren't.
Seems you have defeated me, old man.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:04, archived)
if it helps, i don't give two shits about the manics

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 9:55, archived)
Are we friends, again?
I've been living in fear of you using your mod powers to make me look foolish.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:06, archived)
I think he's been taking this 'making you look foolish' thing a bit far and I hope he stops it soon

(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:08, archived)
it doesn't matter what he does
the only person manolith makes look foolish is himself!
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:14, archived)
You've got to admire his speed, though.
There's a Swiftian wit to most of what I post, but you'd never know it.
(, Wed 12 Aug 2015, 10:34, archived)