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yes they are
i am in the process of stealing a shed, actually
(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 15:12, archived)
this is why i had my one alarmed

(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 15:24, archived)
it's been untouched for 2 years and it's right by my flat
i've asked all the neighbours and the maintenance company and nobody wants it. i need somewhere to put my bike.
(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 18:05, archived)
The poor old guy's in hospital, long term illness, his potting shed is the only thing he has left to look forward to when he's finally discharged

(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 18:41, archived)
Imagine his joy when he discovers he's grown a bicycle and a hulking great hippy.

(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 18:52, archived)
k, selling this story to netflix

(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 19:55, archived)
+ allegedly

(, Wed 19 Apr 2017, 15:57, archived)