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I wouldn't pressure was a bicycle, you'll force water past the seals and your bearings will pack up
Pushbike chat
(, Fri 19 May 2017, 17:28, archived)
I wouldn't wash a bicycle full stop; life's too short.

(, Fri 19 May 2017, 17:37, archived)
Just the chain really
They get so clogged up after all that sticky lube and dirt and it's manky cleaning them by hand
(, Fri 19 May 2017, 17:40, archived)
I wouldn't really use water and soap to do that.
Chuck the chain in a Jam jar full of isopropyl alcohol or petrol if you're feeling adventurous, screw the lid on and shake it.
(, Fri 19 May 2017, 18:10, archived)
Fenwicks is good, plus less likely to take your face off

(, Fri 19 May 2017, 18:18, archived)
But would you download a car?

(, Fri 19 May 2017, 17:41, archived)

(, Fri 19 May 2017, 18:08, archived)
<s> my willy it's

(, Fri 19 May 2017, 18:07, archived)