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Ate a dozen snails at lunch and now I fucking reek of garlic
Soz Eurostar boarder's
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:09, archived)
I can't eat snails, they're too cute. I always put them out of harm's way when I see them on the pavement when it's wet.
Don't eat cephalopods either, they're too clever.

Mussels, clams and oysters can get in mah belly, on the other hand, no qualms about eating those.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:16, archived)
I'll eat pretty much anything apart from genitals. And andouillette.

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:17, archived)
Not even a nice warm, fresh cunt?
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:46, archived)
Steady on m2^3, there could be kids reading this

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:59, archived)
Or unwed ladyboarders!

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 16:01, archived)
'Ladyboarding' sounds like some sort of waterboarding-inspired S&M oral sex activity.

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 16:02, archived)
Poor old psychochomp:'(

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 16:27, archived)

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 16:54, archived)

Mussels, clams and oysters Salty rubber, sandy lumps and vinegary snot
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:36, archived)
Come on man, mussels in a cider/cream/garlic sauce with some leeks and bacon?
Fucking lush.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:45, archived)
i love moules mariniere
and when i have a spare hour or so i will occasionally make it
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:58, archived)
Coop do boil in the bag for a quid , they are perfect

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 16:04, archived)
they're not bad
but i enjoy cooking and, if i'm going to eat something nice, i like to take my time over it
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 16:15, archived)
Leave the shit sifters in their shells thank you. Its the texture of them that gets me, and all the sauce in the world won't change that

In fact give me that same thing but replace the mussels with some smoked fish or chicken and that sounds delicious
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 18:13, archived)
quite like snails
cephalopods are delicious, as are most shellfish
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:20, archived)
Snails are reem.
Anyone, no-one'd believe you'd been to France if you didn't come back smelling of garlic.
(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:33, archived)
and being snotty to everyone, let's not forget that

(, Sat 12 Aug 2017, 15:43, archived)