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Remember Gamesmaster? Awful, wasn't it?

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 13:49, archived)
There was a Sky One version of that
Where they played games inside a boxing ring. That also was awful.
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 13:50, archived)
How is "e-sports" even a thing?

(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 13:53, archived)
yeah, imagine watching a team of people using skill to try and beat another team of people at an activity
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 14:19, archived)
I do remember that.
Dominik Diamond doing his best Richard O'Brien impression and Patrick Moore deciding that dignity is optional.
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 13:53, archived)
Not forgetting Dexter Fletcher's brief stint.
And an endless parade of spotty herberts.
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 13:57, archived)
I liked it when that bloke got really upset because a kid beat him at a game
and never let it lie
(, Tue 5 Dec 2017, 14:20, archived)