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This time round, I got 2.
Am I the only one here who thought Absolutely Fabulous was utterly fucking terrible?
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:10, archived)
My in-laws adore AbFab,
but then they also enjoy Last Of The Summer wine, so their judgement is not to be trusted.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:12, archived)
My mum was crazy about it when it was on the first time round. She kept reciting the 'jokes' to me on the assumption that I had somehow not understood them. No, actually, I get the premise on which this brainless attempt at humour is supposed to be based. The reason I am not laughing is that it is not funny.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:15, archived)
I'm not convinced that Jennifer Saunders has ever been funny.

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:22, archived)
I'm convinced she never has.

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:27, archived)
I have relatives who like Mrs Brown's Boys
I don't get it. I just don't get it.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:29, archived)
I feel genuinely blessed never to have seen that.
Everything about it makes it sound like an early '70s sitcom written by a moron.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:33, archived)
Written for morons.
Credit where it's due, they certainly understand their audience.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:35, archived)
It has that vibe
You could maybe lie to yourself and pretend that it's being ironic.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:35, archived)
Yeah I think that would involve feeling uncomfortably close to a character from 'Nathan Barley'.

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:40, archived)
Don't you get it, Two Hats?
Mrs Brown, right - ha, you'll never believe this! Mrs Brown - hahaha, oh you'll love this! Mrs Brown - haha - Mrs Brown is actually a bloke! Haha haha! Once you realise this, it all becomes so much funnier.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:34, archived)
^feckin eejut

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:36, archived)
That DOES sound pretty lol

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:39, archived)
fucking patriarchy denying female actors lead roles

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 15:51, archived)
It was for blobbing birds and poofters

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:13, archived)
It was a big load o' shite and that's no mistake.

(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:18, archived)
I wasn't fussed about it when I was younger
I've found as I've got older I'm still not fussed about it
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:18, archived)
Reminds me of my mum, again,
talking about the dreadful creaky middle-of-the-road music she used to listen to on a semi-permanent basis. "You'll like it when you're older.". No. No, I won't.
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:23, archived)
It had its moments... Peaked at Season 3
( I fall under the blobbing birds and poofters category mind)
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 14:26, archived)