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I had some peanut m&ms the other day, I forgot how much I like them
they're exactly the same as regular m&m's of course. It's all a con.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 13:49, archived)
Treats I call them, or cheeseburgers

(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 13:49, archived)
All peanut m&ms are m&ms.
Not all m&ms are peanut m&ms.

All peanut m&ms have peanuts inside.
Not all things with peanuts inside are m&ms.

Not sure I'm up to an ascii Venn of this complicated issue.
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 13:56, archived)

t s
(, Thu 8 Feb 2018, 13:57, archived)