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Click here for much more stuff I've done but be warned that I couldn't be arsed resizing thumbnails so there's 6MB of images hiding behind that link...

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Now I've not been on here in years, and I appreciate this is far from original, but couldn't help myself. Hope all you b3tans are doing well in 2021.
(Fri 5th Feb 2021, 10:34, More)

Been on my mind for a while...

(Tue 18th Mar 2014, 15:48, More)

Don't really know what I was thinking...

click for bigger
(Fri 29th May 2009, 9:51, More)

Possibly the greatest game ever...

suprised to see so many Elite posts!
(Thu 9th Apr 2009, 11:13, More)

Apologies if bindun...

(Wed 8th Apr 2009, 9:27, More)


(Thu 2nd Apr 2009, 14:59, More)

mmmmmmmm, food - part 2...

Part 1: b3ta.com/board/9156974
Sorry about size...
(Fri 6th Feb 2009, 9:57, More)


thanks to industrial_grit for inspiration
(Wed 5th Nov 2008, 10:34, More)

Turner didn't paint AT-ATs but if he did...

click for bigger
(Mon 29th Sep 2008, 14:34, More)


No doubt been done before so tried to make a nice job of it...
(Fri 11th Jul 2008, 11:22, More)


French design - British humour...
(Thu 18th Jan 2007, 19:40, More)

Condoleeza's coming to town...

(Fri 31st Mar 2006, 9:50, More)

he always gets stuck on level 4...

(Tue 6th Apr 2004, 16:05, More)


(Thu 18th Mar 2004, 11:30, More)

Concerns are growing over the new Chinese F1 circuit

Click pic for larger version
(Tue 2nd Mar 2004, 10:48, More)


(Fri 14th Nov 2003, 11:55, More)


thanx for fp :) - i'm honoured
(Tue 11th Nov 2003, 11:15, More)

found him

(Wed 5th Mar 2003, 12:27, More)


I encourage you with my Jedi mind tricks to click for biggie
(Wed 26th Feb 2003, 13:01, More)

it's all natural honestly..

(Fri 14th Feb 2003, 13:09, More)

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