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I was here many years ago... 2003... and I finally remembered my password to get back in.

I had some front pages and many laughs. Many, many laughs.


Now I am old and it seems like it was many years ago... but it all still looks funny... No where are those Northern Kittens?

Any hooo... On with the new show. I guess.


Recent front page messages:

I'm not a shexy beastht

Quick and dirty... Like your mum.

Edit: Oh blimey, FP'd!
Not only is it great to be back, but this is the icing on the cake.
I think it's icing... Nom nom....
Nooope... DONKEY!!!!!!
(Wed 23rd Apr 2014, 12:50, More)

Oh Looooooooorrrraaaaaaaaaa!

(Sun 12th Oct 2003, 0:31, More)

In a desperate attempt to get a front page...
...Houston Knights takes to training
Cornish Pasties to Clog dance...

edit/...and next...THE WORLD!!!! Bwaaahahahahahaha

Cheers fp pixies!
(Tue 23rd Sep 2003, 21:29, More)

Before market release, one must research....

FP...WOO! Dedicated to my Dad - hoping he gets better soon!
Just had a bad emotional day. Thank you for the FP...it cheered me up.
...but if it's not MD...who is it?

(Fri 11th Jul 2003, 22:51, More)

Portent of the Apocalypse

edit-FP! Thank you magic donkey!
I ALWAYS believed in you...
...it was the others that didn't...

(Sun 18th May 2003, 17:43, More)

Cheesy at the best of times....

Still shot
Edit- It's all a conspiricy to make my name look stupid, isn't it!
And remember - don't forget to Rate MY kitten
(Sat 3rd May 2003, 14:37, More)

Sorry....I'm tired and lack much hummus...

edit-Omigod! I had to change my name now!!!
Thank you to my Wife for the endless cups of tea, the Acadamy for your support and help over these tough years.
To Jeff, my muse, for his shoulder to lean on. The Supermarket for it's hummus...and all those B3TANS who encouraged me!!!
This front page isn't for me 'sob' It's for all of you...'sob'

(Mon 28th Apr 2003, 22:34, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Hidden talents

If it becomes discovered, it's not hidden any more... oooh! I'm a pedant! That's it!
(Mon 21st Apr 2014, 0:09, More)

» Worst Record Ever

My better half
has some 'Take-That'.

Do I win a prize?

.or that latest Sophie Ellis Bexter thing where she goes on about changing, and includes lyrics about -
-but I'll still change my underwear...
...I tried to change a tyre but it wasn't my thing...

My worse record is 'SUNTAN' by Stan.
Suntan - on my nose
Suntan - between my toes
Suntan - around my eyes
Suntan - all down my thighs
What have I got? - Suntan
and what do you want - Suntan!

etc - ad lib et vom.
(Thu 4th Dec 2003, 12:15, More)