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Hello. Welcume to my page on the wide world web.

I like horsies and ponies and donkies and wonky donkies and crippels but I dont ride the crippels lol they are all nice peapol on the insides. My lucky number is 4663 but I do'nt even play the lottery so what good is numbers anyways?

I like crows I think that they are much mailgned. It shud be a lovley of crows not a murdor of crows lmoa! I have crows and I am still alive! (unfortuneatley!)

Dontlikes: dicks, pricks and wankers. and nobs as well.

I try not to offend (these days llollol) but if I have accidentalally made you do an upset please ignor me so you do'nt have to suffur my sexi sass.

Luv and kisses and all best wishes,


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