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By night, I fight crime.

Or sleep.


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» Dad Jokes

Not really a joke, or (strictly) my Dad
but seeing as other seem to be posting accidental Dad humour, then why the hell not?

People of the older generation are of course funny, especially when, unaccustomed to the Way in which Young People Speak, they hilariously juxtapose words to create shiny new meanings. Which are, inevitably, even funnier when rude.

My step-dad is the kind of person who refers to postmen (people ) as "posty", so one morning, as I was innocently tucking my Corn Flakes, enter Step-dad in search of milk.

Says he "Milky come this morning?".

It is I think to my eternal credit that I only raised my eyebrows slightly.
(Fri 12th Dec 2003, 10:00, More)