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Hello You. Thanks for having a look at my profile. Here's a weenie bit about me ....

I am a Nile made out of peas

Some people just call me Penile.

Ta ra for now.
Do pop by and say hello again soon.

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» Fancy Dress

Toast my fancy dress
When I was about 7 my very 'inventive' dear mum made me a fancy dress outfit for a competition in Butlins where we were having our annual luxury holiday. The outfit consisted of a very girly pretty dress (think Shirley Temple) with toast sewn all over it. I held a banner with the words 'The Toast of Bultins in Bognor'. I didn't win (surprisingly) but did get chased by a angry (and obviously hungry) swan on the way back to the chalet.
It's scarred me for life, I've never been able to wear toast since.
(Fri 13th Jan 2006, 19:42, More)

» Clients Are Stupid

My boss, who is a complete pessimistic hypochondriac
called me over (in a frantic mad panic kind of way) whilst he was at his PC; "Quick my computer has got a virus, the screen is shaking violently, come here quickly, what can we do?!"

I rushed over to discover his stapler resting on his return key!
(Tue 30th Dec 2003, 22:37, More)