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I am *foof* and no, that isn't slang for ladybits(though i am a ladyb3tan)...it is what birds are doing when they fluff up. they are foofing.

I'm a Merkin. I Knit a lot and drink waaay too much coffee and cheap beer. i am 26 years old i draw things. like comics:.

this one is silly and about nerds, but i don't do it any more:

and this one is slightly less silly and is going to be about love. and zombies...except i ran out of ideas so it is about what it is about haha:

I also have a blog that i like...i post my crafty things and doodles and pictures and whatnot there:

Gaz me if you want a vector...or if you have a request for my Foofer hero series

I'm also a marauder on the mighty cap'n's crew

^^postbear and i have a club.^^


how jedi are you?
:: by lawrie malen

the fiend made me this ^_^

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this took me
2 hours.

edit:yay! fp'd! woo1!!!oneone!!!
(Fri 22nd Oct 2004, 22:12, More)

I am stealthy

like the ninja.
edit:squee! i wake up with a hangover, and see this! you made my morning more bearable! thank you!
(Fri 30th Jul 2004, 4:01, More)

I am stealthy...

like ninja!

*strikes a ninja-like pose*

edit:this is the most fabulous photo of Georgie boy i've yet seen!

edit times two: bagaaaa! FP'd!!! *does a stealthy ninja dance of happiness*
(Mon 2nd Feb 2004, 18:38, More)

Part three

Part one
part the other
edit:ooooooo i just came back after class and saw i got a FP! my second one! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
(Fri 12th Dec 2003, 19:00, More)

Morning, all!
well...it is for me anyway...

and how is everyone today?
Edit: my first FP!!! woo and also yay! Thanks, Magic donkey! someone....
(Thu 2nd Oct 2003, 14:18, More)

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I've got a friend who...well, lets just be frank. she's a slut.
she enjoys calling herself a Sausage Wallet.
kinda takes the fun out of it when she beats you
to it, though.
(Thu 4th Oct 2007, 18:21, More)