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before you ask, yes i did "borrow" pecker's profile CSS

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interesting fact:
if you downloaded all the porn on the internet, it would take 16 years to be able to nail your coffin lid down

link: Quite possibly my strangest moment

my real name is martin, and i hail from Essex (but thankfully i live closer to london).

this is me, i'm on the far right.

and this is me, as drawn my mictoboy

This is the gorgeous Sam:
not mine yet, but soon

as is this:

i'm an internet developer, which basically means i get paid to make websites and post on b3ta

msn: martin ATTER buyskatestuff DOTTY com

email: martin ATTICUS introspective-media DOTTED co DOTTAGE uk
and my PGP Key can be found here

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» Dad Jokes

i feel rather outcasted this week
i disowned my father when i was 11.

he only ever came to visit me (my parents were seperated), and whenever he did, he'd always talk to my mum like a piece if shit.

eventually, i got sick of him being a total cunt, so i told him to watermelon off
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 11:22, More)