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(Tue 12th Feb 2002, 14:06, More)

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» Dad Jokes

I like lots of butter on my toast, i just do i cant help it, everytime my dad notices me spreading butter on toast he says "Would you like some toast with that butter".
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 17:55, More)

» Breakin' The Law

Barking Policemen
When i was a wee-nipper (about 14), me and my friend used to go to the part/posh theatre bit in the centre of town and drink stuff we nicked from our parents, and pretend to be pissed.

A few weeks earlier there had been a big thing in the papers about how "local youths where wrecking the local park, condoms hung round like a chirstmas tree and bins in the lake", didnt bother us.

We went along then all of a sudden 5 police cars came from no where, me and 3 mates ran into this little garden bit until things went quiet, after thinking the coast was clear, we legged it to this little ally that lead outa the park. Unfortuantly Mr Policeman spotted us and chased after us, unkown to me at the time (that he was a police fella), all I heard was some bloke pretending to be a dog and barking, and thought the local tramp was off on one. After exiting the ally we proceded to leg it until he caught up with us, and it was Mr Police man, he wasnt very happy and we all got searched... 5 mins later Mr fat policeman caught up and nearly had a fit from all the excerise.
(Thu 8th Jan 2004, 17:17, More)