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Typical mathematician... enough said.

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» Now, there was no need for that...

Memory jogged by beejay's post above...

Late summer three years ago, an 18-year-old me decided to go for a solo "head-clearing" *ahem* few days in Amsterdam, just me, a tent and a huge rucksack. All was going well until the third day when I was accosted by a huge guy in Central Station (who I later found out was part of a gang) trying to sell me cocaine, who upon my refusal wouldn't go away, blocked my exit and advanced on me, pinning me into a dead end of the station, but no-one walking by batted an eyelid. Frightened out of my skin, I ended up having to give him 20 euros just to go away; whereupon I went to the local police station, sweating and shaking, and explained to them exactly what had happened not 100 yards away from their own office. Their reaction -

"...Er, are you stoned?"
(Thu 16th Jun 2005, 14:45, More)