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Well yes, it is a bit

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Scary Kevin
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Best answers to questions:

» Petty Sabotage

Back in the day
At high school, I blatantly knew more about computers that my "smartarse" IT teacher. So I took it upon myself one day to write a little program in BASIC (Oh, how I loved that language) which emulated the DOS Format program

Cue one very startled teacher staring at me in disbelief screaming silently to himself as I innocently asked "What's going on here" as the ever increasing "Formatting C: x%" stared back at him from the one computer in the room which actually contained important files and documents.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
(Thu 5th May 2005, 22:16, More)

» Strange things you've been paid to do

I got paid
to drive a golf buggy around Edinburgh Zoo. This was quite possibly the most awesome job I've ever had.
(Thu 30th Sep 2004, 20:10, More)

» Impromptu Games You Play

A rather fun game which is called
simply "The Game". For six to twenty-six players on a night out. It involves, first of all, getting completely plastered and then, ideally when the pub/club/drinking establishment has shut its doors and everyone is standing around outside, daring each other to say the most random and/or offensive things to random passers by.
Points are allocated based on style/hilarity/bravery and the first to 100 wins. The loser, with the least number of points, then has to suffer the indignity of being sold to random groups of girls (of which there will be at least one or two standing around - if not, then I suppose any people would do) for meagre sums of money. Say, 50p, perhaps.

Needless to say, I have only played this game a few times, although with hilarious consequences. Next time you're out on the piss, try saying this to a random girl - "I once had a pet dog, but it pissed on my carpet so I killed it". Oh, the madness of it all
(Mon 29th Mar 2004, 16:03, More)

» Guilty Pleasures

Winding up telesales people
who call me at 6-7pm every day. Well, yeah, I could opt for that whole call preferences service, but where's the fun in that?

Common examples of my tomfoolery :

Telesales person : Can I ask who supplies your electricity at the moment?
Me : I dont use electricity, I only have gas. Electricity gives me the fear.

Telesales person : Can I interest you in this amazing mobile phone offer?
Me : No, sorry, I dont like mobile phones. I only like normal phones.

Telesales person : Can I interest you in a new kitchen?
Me : No, sorry, I live in a shed.

etc. etc.
(Tue 12th Apr 2005, 22:51, More)