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Full time tax-dodging student of the Forensic Sciences at a university in Preston

I made this about a fellow board member
Hal hosted it. Thanks Hal!


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It's as if a million plastic toys cried out in terror...

More Starwars...
edit- WOO! My first FP. GO TEAM!!!

(Fri 18th Jul 2003, 13:11, More)

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» Worst Record Ever

Stereophonics are bad,
but the manics are fucking awful. and radiohead.

but as for worst song EVER?...

anything by Avril 'used to be a country singer but the record label wanted to piss off real alternative people by making 8 year olds like bad versions of good musical styles' Lavineatory. And Papa Roach while we're at it.

Oh, and while I don't hate the whole of the FunHouse theme tune, there's this one bit where someone says- 'use your body and your brain if you wanna play the game'. just think- someone actually got paid to stand in a studio and sing that. there is no justice, same goes for most advert dittys.

why can't everything just be as good as the theme tune from 'Tiny Planets'?
(Wed 3rd Dec 2003, 16:26, More)