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» Helicopter Parents

But She's My Little Girl!!!!
I was an adjunct professor at 2 different colleges this past year. Helicopter parenting is very real! I had one student that was MISERABLY failing for the semester. The father came into my office with the student and did all the talking. (At this point I was nervous as the father was rather large).

Daddy: Why's my daughter doing so shitty in your class?
Me: Your daughter has done only 30% of the homework, shows up for class once a week (this is a 3 day a week class), and does poorly on her tests and evaluations.

At this point I show Daddy the grading scale. He doesn't get it. I have to draw PIE CHARTS (sad part is, I am terrible at and loathe MATH)!

Me: So you see, Mr. [Daddy], the numbers add up to a failing grade.
Daddy: But she's my little girl!!
Me: That is true. Maybe we should ask her? Do YOU understand this grading scale?
Little Girl: Yeah! Daddy, come on let's go!

They both stand up and leave my office with Little Girl dragging Daddy along while Daddy is saying, "But she's my little girl..." over and over.

BTW, Little Girl was 29 years old.
(Mon 14th Sep 2009, 19:08, More)