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» Body Mods

the long answer to why i have a feesh on my arm...

I had my ears pierced at 13, against my mum's wishes - according to her, natch, this is why it went horribly wrong. I'm hypersensitive or something. Severe infection, three general anaesthetics and earlobe recon later...and I have no piercings.
partle to prove that I am not a wuss about needles, but also cos i wanted it..i now have a lovely koi fish on my l arm. full hiroshige style with water flowing over it's back!
the funniest comment I had was a german guy i worked with in India, who said, deadpan, 'well, if you are kidnapped and beheaded by terrorists at least your corpse can be identified with ease.'
(Fri 1st Dec 2006, 21:15, More)