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Don't look now,

but I've just eaten your kittens...

(my email, if you're desperate, is pickledpizza at hotmail dot co dot uk)

Ooooh! Here's my blog and website!

Ignore the broken links. things change, y'know. I'm old.

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it's funny. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.

click for proper.

(Sun 30th Sep 2007, 23:42, More)

Albert? Can you see me now? Is it working?

(Fri 14th Nov 2003, 22:45, More)

ever had that feeling you're being watched?

(Sun 5th Oct 2003, 22:18, More)

(Wed 10th Sep 2003, 12:31, More)

edit - and at 100 fp's, thanks b3ta and b3tans for a terrific summer. I love you all
(Sun 31st Aug 2003, 23:03, More)

woof and tweet.

(Fri 29th Aug 2003, 11:35, More)

(Thu 28th Aug 2003, 9:36, More)

(Wed 27th Aug 2003, 7:51, More)

let's ROARK!

(Tue 26th Aug 2003, 13:23, More)

even a 3 hour detention with 500 lines wasn't doing the trick.

(Tue 26th Aug 2003, 12:32, More)

1..2..3..4..5...(etc)..20! coming! ready or not!!!

click pic for coherent size.
(Sun 24th Aug 2003, 18:23, More)

say cheese!

(Thu 21st Aug 2003, 12:23, More)

stay away from the kitten, it may bite.

or decapitate you
(Tue 12th Aug 2003, 10:27, More)

these are getting complicated, anyone know where to get body parts? (fresh mind)

(Mon 11th Aug 2003, 20:23, More)

these are easier than waiting 9 mths.

far cuter too
(Wed 30th Jul 2003, 12:31, More)

see? i can be fluffy..

(Sun 27th Jul 2003, 9:04, More)


(Wed 23rd Jul 2003, 23:55, More)

'bout time i got my finger out and genetically created a sweet child. been a while.

click for full beauty of my creation

(took only a 12v battery)
(Mon 21st Jul 2003, 21:30, More)

cute, cuddly and handy every 28 days.

(Wed 16th Jul 2003, 12:39, More)

Money was short in such a small village, so Bob took up acupuncture at the weekends.

(Thu 10th Jul 2003, 9:48, More)

NOoo! The Inhumanity of it all!
It's International Prawn Day, Don'tcha know?
(Tue 8th Jul 2003, 10:12, More)


(Mon 7th Jul 2003, 11:22, More)

mittens goes on holiday

(Mon 28th Apr 2003, 21:05, More)

too cute


(Sat 26th Apr 2003, 21:31, More)

now we're cooking

(Sat 26th Apr 2003, 20:28, More)

she's got her mother's face.


(Sat 26th Apr 2003, 8:00, More)


(Tue 22nd Apr 2003, 10:28, More)

talk to them? some take it too far.

may qubigga

(Mon 14th Apr 2003, 0:15, More)

now now girls...

click pic to enlarge your pepicturenis
(Wed 9th Apr 2003, 10:59, More)

re-re-re- fuggit.

(Tue 8th Apr 2003, 14:18, More)

Arthur was still as enthusiastic as ever.

Despite being at the wrong game.
click for slightly bigger
(Sat 1st Mar 2003, 9:20, More)

fight! fight! fight! fight! teachers coming!

(Fri 28th Feb 2003, 8:04, More)

seeing as tortoises are all the rage. or summink..

(Wed 26th Feb 2003, 14:26, More)

mmm. nectar.

clik 4 big :)
(Mon 24th Feb 2003, 22:34, More)

Cedric needed to get away for a bit.

(Wed 8th Jan 2003, 15:28, More)

where? I see nuffin'.

(Tue 7th Jan 2003, 21:42, More)

a project for college, 'organic / inorganic'

clicky for big!
(Fri 1st Nov 2002, 19:29, More)

18? well done, sire!

(Sun 15th Sep 2002, 22:31, More)

red hot and willing, at a price.

(Sat 14th Sep 2002, 21:40, More)

No granny! If you sit too close you'll turn.... oops too late. now the grannies have turned. we're doomed.

(Mon 9th Sep 2002, 21:26, More)

never quite made the box-office

(Sat 7th Sep 2002, 20:18, More)


clicky for desktop. see how b3tans spoil you by filling up your desktop backgrounds folder with lovely pics, aren't we lovely?
(alfie, your desktop is on my pc! woo! (pickledpizza tho mate, not Pickled Pizza ;) )
(Thu 5th Sep 2002, 20:11, More)

huge version
(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 21:02, More)

what a catch!

(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 16:16, More)

the spawn of all things squeaky.

(Mon 2nd Sep 2002, 15:49, More)

don't say a word...
(Mon 2nd Sep 2002, 7:35, More)


(Sun 25th Aug 2002, 19:43, More)

lovinit lovinit lovinit

(Thu 15th Aug 2002, 22:25, More)

sorry, had to..

(Thu 15th Aug 2002, 21:51, More)

like this...

this repost will self destruct in 5 minutes
(Wed 7th Aug 2002, 22:24, More)

maaarrrggghhhhh!!!!! run for your lives!!!

(Mon 29th Jul 2002, 10:44, More)

see? everywhere I tell you.

(Sun 28th Jul 2002, 20:01, More)

more sweetness and light.

(Sat 27th Jul 2002, 23:02, More)

the band needed more members. And a fresh batch of 'instruments'

(Fri 26th Jul 2002, 14:34, More)


(Fri 26th Jul 2002, 12:40, More)

broody? this'll sort that out for a start.

Anti-Cute ta witchy
(Fri 26th Jul 2002, 12:20, More)

They need discipline every now and then.

(Sat 20th Jul 2002, 11:14, More)

Aawww, how cute.

(Fri 19th Jul 2002, 22:01, More)

stella fuelled glis-pickle madness. hurrah for hemp. here's Grandad. he's 97.

(Thu 18th Jul 2002, 0:46, More)

How they won the war.

(Sat 13th Jul 2002, 19:26, More)

try as he might, he couldn't get the colour right.

(Sat 13th Jul 2002, 14:55, More)

(Fri 12th Jul 2002, 13:24, More)

smug bastard. day off and he still gets on the tube, just to wind everyone else up.

"look at me, I don't have to go to work today"
(Thu 4th Jul 2002, 6:28, More)

Evening all!!
Do you like my new virtual trampoline?

(Mon 24th Jun 2002, 20:52, More)

Is that kettle boiled yet?

I'm out of coffee!!!!
(Thu 20th Jun 2002, 9:15, More)

sorry, but that's not as much fun as I'm having...

(Sat 8th Jun 2002, 23:40, More)

I knew I'd seen that little bastard before...

(Sat 8th Jun 2002, 21:44, More)

Flyaaaaaaah !
(Wed 5th Jun 2002, 11:23, More)

Grab a Beer,

not strictly a repost, as the first time i posted it, it was a link, 'bout 3 weeks or so ago
(Thu 23rd May 2002, 22:05, More)

The Nexu Kitten

(Wed 15th May 2002, 21:24, More)


(Wed 15th May 2002, 15:07, More)

officially wifeofpizza's
(with a hint of pickle magic)

(Wed 15th May 2002, 12:27, More)


(Fri 10th May 2002, 9:32, More)

never been asked to re-post,
but it did get knocked into the archives a bit quick...

click here for full-screen huge version
(Thu 9th May 2002, 17:22, More)

Mc Rat anyone?

(Sat 4th May 2002, 17:21, More)


(Sat 4th May 2002, 10:35, More)

hate to miss the last post

don't you?
(Fri 3rd May 2002, 10:10, More)

uurrgghh! get - it -
out - of - here !!!!

(Thu 2nd May 2002, 17:32, More)


(Thu 2nd May 2002, 0:26, More)

they'll be there in the morning...
just staring...

(Fri 26th Apr 2002, 21:52, More)

not, yet, but it's got to be worth a try hasn't it?

(Sat 20th Apr 2002, 14:01, More)

morning everyone!

(Tue 16th Apr 2002, 13:23, More)

couldn't resist

(Mon 15th Apr 2002, 12:11, More)

this story inspiredme...

(Mon 8th Apr 2002, 22:56, More)

you're right

(Thu 28th Mar 2002, 2:18, More)

looks better on knickers though.

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 17:11, More)

I didn't finish it,
but he is cute. He was gonna be a woo-yay-bee, but he is mute.

(Tue 26th Mar 2002, 10:18, More)

Now stop it furtive. That's just evil.

(Wed 20th Mar 2002, 18:05, More)

furtive ....no,
at least stay friends 'til after the moneys raised !!

(Wed 20th Mar 2002, 17:26, More)

It's not propaganda..
It's true. Oh sooo true!

All parents will understand.
(BTW, any hints on how to remove crayon from walls?)
(Tue 19th Mar 2002, 11:40, More)

Aqua Dog

for Martin H.
15 more squid for the kitty.
(Mon 18th Mar 2002, 18:37, More)

Pixel art...

... for the cause :)
(Sun 17th Mar 2002, 16:41, More)

dropped one of these?

then let B3ta pick up the pieces...

(Sun 10th Mar 2002, 17:46, More)


sorry it's a bit big.
(Sat 9th Mar 2002, 7:13, More)

credit to Fat Boab for this

(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 5:30, More)

every time you masturbate...

We shoot Elton..

Stop it !
(Fri 8th Mar 2002, 5:00, More)

i enjoyed making this

i hope u enjoy it too
(Tue 5th Mar 2002, 20:26, More)

Even though i too feel like shit

(Mon 4th Mar 2002, 18:13, More)

just for you

The Even Greater Peerowl Antelion ! !
(Sun 3rd Mar 2002, 16:22, More)

saw this in London Zoo last week.

no, really, I did.
(Fri 1st Mar 2002, 14:13, More)

for spike. ying tong yiddle i po

sad but brief
(Wed 27th Feb 2002, 5:03, More)

When b3ta becomes real life

and people photoshop-dress their pets.
(Tue 26th Feb 2002, 14:38, More)

(Latest News) Apparently..

One of the gang is still at large
(Mon 18th Feb 2002, 13:58, More)

Criminal? Us Polars? Eyes off.....
Or there'll be trouble.

(Tue 12th Feb 2002, 12:59, More)

Best answers to questions:

» PE Lessons

on a slightly different vein...
Every wednesday, my dear old Nan would pick us up from school, as my Mum worked late. This would mean that at half past three, we'd get in from school and immediately have to put our pyjamas on before tea. Usually with either my brother, sister or myself racing each other to be first downstairs. Every week.
This is where my foolproof plan came in. I would win this week by cunningly concealing my flannel pyjamas UNDER my school uniform, so when we got in from school, I would have the advantage!

Brilliant, unless you have P.E. on a wednesday and the entire class were there to point the finger and laugh at my paisley jim-jams.

Never tried that again.
(Thu 19th Nov 2009, 19:09, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

Petts Bottom.
The darker side of kitten videos on YouTube alternatives.
(Tue 1st May 2018, 8:23, More)