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Don't look now,

but I've just eaten your kittens...

(my email, if you're desperate, is pickledpizza at hotmail dot co dot uk)

AND YES. I AM in a wheelchair.

Ignore the broken links. things change, y'know. I'm old.

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it's funny. BECAUSE IT'S TRUE.

click for proper.

(Sun 30th Sep 2007, 23:42, More)

Albert? Can you see me now? Is it working?

(Fri 14th Nov 2003, 22:45, More)

ever had that feeling you're being watched?

(Sun 5th Oct 2003, 22:18, More)

(Wed 10th Sep 2003, 12:31, More)

edit - and at 100 fp's, thanks b3ta and b3tans for a terrific summer. I love you all
(Sun 31st Aug 2003, 23:03, More)

woof and tweet.

(Fri 29th Aug 2003, 11:35, More)

(Thu 28th Aug 2003, 9:36, More)

(Wed 27th Aug 2003, 7:51, More)

let's ROARK!

(Tue 26th Aug 2003, 13:23, More)

even a 3 hour detention with 500 lines wasn't doing the trick.

(Tue 26th Aug 2003, 12:32, More)

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» PE Lessons

on a slightly different vein...
Every wednesday, my dear old Nan would pick us up from school, as my Mum worked late. This would mean that at half past three, we'd get in from school and immediately have to put our pyjamas on before tea. Usually with either my brother, sister or myself racing each other to be first downstairs. Every week.
This is where my foolproof plan came in. I would win this week by cunningly concealing my flannel pyjamas UNDER my school uniform, so when we got in from school, I would have the advantage!

Brilliant, unless you have P.E. on a wednesday and the entire class were there to point the finger and laugh at my paisley jim-jams.

Never tried that again.
(Thu 19th Nov 2009, 19:09, More)

» The Meaning Of Giff

Petts Bottom.
The darker side of kitten videos on YouTube alternatives.
(Tue 1st May 2018, 8:23, More)