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There is nothing to see here, unless you are a spam bot, in which case, I have a mailbox that I set up specifically to allow my spam filtering software (SpamAssassin) to automatically fine tune itself, so that it can do a better job of filtering spam from my real mailbox.

The email address I want spamming is [email protected]

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» Voyeurism

Not really voyeurism, 'cause she knew I was looking....
Many, many, moons ago, when I was an early teen, I had to spend a few days in hospital with suspected appendicitis (I think I went a little OTT trying to get out of doing a talk at school one day, but that's another story).

Being a young teen, I was in the children's ward, and there was a girl in the bed next to me, I think she was a little older than me, but not by much. Anyway, I can't remember why she was in hospital, but she wasn't able to move very much, and she had some kind of frame keeping the bed covers off her skin. I'd been chatting to her for a while when she said she felt cold and asked if I'd pull the bed covers up a little as they were starting to slip off the frame a little.

So, (and with complete innocence), I lifted the bed covers to pull them further up, and to her embarrassment (and possibly more to my embarrassment) discovered that she was laid completely starkers under the covers with everything on display.

After my eyes sprung back into their sockets (after what seemed like several minutes of trying hard not to look, and failing), I quickly put the covers back down, apologised and got back in my bed. We didn't speak much after that, and I went home early the following day, feeling much better.
(Thu 11th Oct 2007, 23:37, More)