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Live near Boston in North America (so I post way early in the morning by b3ta standards). If you want to see a pic of me, photoshop one and pretend it's me. I won't bother posting one, since everyone knows I simply went to easypic.com and grabbed an image from their 'hardcore' section. Posting is a challenge here since everything's been done a jillion times, and done well.


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His ex told Richard to start dating his hand...

and he was having a blast!
(Sat 7th Feb 2004, 3:07, More)

Since the fall of the USSR

M1A1 Abrams

NATO's training budgets have been cut WAY back

Click for big.

My gallery.

(Tue 14th Oct 2003, 20:15, More)

Boogie boogie boogie...
It's just guns - don't be scared

My gallery.

(Wed 24th Sep 2003, 2:38, More)

This lad has a big brain!

would this be mindpiss?
(Tue 20th May 2003, 6:02, More)

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