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ATTENSHUN! Gallery o images from Nov '04 to early April '05 can now be found here: http://kez.dontknowdontcare.com/
go easy on viewing them however as the server has about 7gb max upload per month and there's about 9mb of images there. I get into deep shite when that happens and i'll have to take the gallery down for a while.

I'm currently testing a new automated doohicky of an image galery, newer images can be found here!

Oooh! This lovely one done by amazongirl (owner/creator of bleety the sheep and blobcat). This would appear to explain why bleety is so hyper all of the time.

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» You're a moviestar baby

but I disovered the giant power extension leads that they were using for some night filming of a
scene of some tv series... too tempting.

What the hell happened to the lights!?
(massive clips on the thing meant the cables were disconnected but looked like they weren't so i got away!)

(Thu 11th Nov 2004, 18:46, More)