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"We saw the Style Council on our sponsored walk, inspecting a style."

"And Joe Cocker... and we had one of your games of I Spy, Alan."

"Yes, Alan, I spied something beginning with AA."

"And I thought it was that AA van we saw parked by the road."

"But it wasn't, it was that AA Milne crouching in a bush."

"And what were you doing with Mary whilst I was studying that tree-oyster?"

"Well, Alan, a little mouse wearing a 007 wristwatch popped out of the ground near Mary. She was startled, and fell, hurting her thigh."

"But, Alan, you were all over her."

"She'd also been bitten by a swan. It was after that perfume I gave her."

"That Quail Spore Cologne?"

"I don't know why you were so furious, Alan."

"I wasn't furious - I was alerting you."

"To our time and distance experiments."

"Because it's not all walking, Alan."

"It's not all bloody walking, it never has been, it never will."

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» When animals attack...

I was once bitten on the back, by a shetland pony. I was only trying to be its friend. Bastard.
(Mon 6th Jun 2005, 23:07, More)