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I used to be on here rather a lot in 2004-5. It's changed a lot, thankfully so have I.

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» Scary Neighbours

Where i used to live...
we had one of those "special" houses down the bottom of the road for all the crazy war veterans, junkies and electro shock therapy patients - you know the ones i mean. As expected there were quite a few special people - the guy who always wore shorts and a wooly hat and the nice gentleman that wore a top hat, blue sandals and always had an unlit ciggarette hanging from his mouth. Now quite often the latter character came back to their delightful abode and started shouting "I'm not fucking Hitler, I'm not fucking Stalin, I'm not fucking Goerring" and other names of various infamous dictators.

T'was rather scary at three in the morning or any other time. Scariest was when i was delievering th free paper for 80p an hour and he (tophat) invited me inside.
(Sat 27th Aug 2005, 12:01, More)

» Stuff You've Overheard

i heard someone talking about all these people he'd shagged and how crap they were and then he said if anyone wants it done properly then they should do it themselves

he saw me and then went completely nuts and then sort of went red and started pleading with me not to tell his mates that he prefered good old hand sex to girls

more amusing at the time
(Thu 10th Jun 2004, 18:44, More)