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let's all be friends

Huge thanks to slight for hosting and running my gallery.

If you want to use any of my things e-mail me, it'll probably be ok.


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Best answers to questions:

» Look! It's me in the Local Paper

those funny nutbars down at the sunday sport nicked my picture

we rang them up and they agreed to send me £20 which never arrived.
(Thu 10th Feb 2005, 16:59, More)

» Dad Jokes

on a serious note, away from the idea of having sex with tortoises,
my dad and mum had a bit of a tiff once on holiday, anyway that night we went to some gay restaurant and my mum ordered the fish.
My dad joked 'make sure it's dead, like her heart'
my mum walked home.
my dad went after her.
they probably had sex that night because they were all fine the next day
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 3:19, More)

» The Weird Kid In Class

he downed a bottle of vinegar

(Fri 19th Jan 2007, 12:56, More)

» Dad Jokes

'you're adopted'

(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 2:48, More)

» Pathological Liars

I also once met a man named Yannick through a few friends,
they seemed to be a bit put off by his tall stories.

He got drunk and told us he once shot bear whilst working in the navy (which apparently also is false). I responded with, 'How many men have you killed?' jokingly. At which point he pulled me to one side and whispered in my ear, 'I'm not allowed to answer that'. I still kind of thought he was joking, being slightly unaware of his delusons, and responded 'About 100?'. He looked at me and spoke softly again, 'Nearer 20.'

The next time I saw him the pub I was in was flooding, and the water was dripping through a couple of lightbulb. His friend looking at it commented, 'Need to take them out but I might get electrocuted.'
Yannick stepped in front, looked at the light and scoffed, 'Nah, I've held much more electrical stuff in much wetter conditions.'
This conjured the perfect imaged of him testing toasters and televisions while strapped in a bath tub.
(Thu 29th Nov 2007, 21:35, More)
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