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Sunday's are not quiet at his house.
Awwww... bless. He thinks he's Ritchie Blackmore.

Edit: Just finished roast dinner, come back to b3ta and a fp!!! My world is complete.
(Sun 28th Mar 2004, 20:55, More)

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» Political Correctness Gone Mad

A walk what?
About 10 years ago I worked in Social Services. I'm fine with politically correct language and agree with the principal of not offending someone or putting people down with the language I use. However one of the people I worked with was PC gone mad. On one occasion she was talking about a walk person - I couldn't work out what she was talking about. "A walk person," I said "what do you mean by a walk person?" She said "You know, a personal stereo".
(Thu 22nd Nov 2007, 22:41, More)

» Claims to Fame

I "killed" Noel Edmunds!
Years ago (more than 20) Radio One did a short series of shows called "Three men in a boat". Paul Gambaccini, Mike Read and Noel Edmunds made their way down the Thames in a boat, stopping on the way and doing broadcasts.
My friend and I decided to go an see them when they were in Henley (my excuse for this is that we were bored students). My friend had his guitar with him and Mike Read spotted it and asked him aboard the boat to play some tunes together.
Due to this, after the show, Mike Read invited us to go to the pub with them all.
So there we were, in a pub, with 3 Radio One celebs and two very young, blonde, busty, bimbos that had mysteriously appeared from the depths of the boat.
Someone suggested playing darts so we all played "killer". Noel Edmunds, up to this point, had made it very obvious that he'd prefer it if we weren't there, (he really is an ignorant and arogant man). When to my delight I had the opportunity to "Kill" him. He then became creepily nice, I smiled and threw the dart - YES! - with an accuracy unusual for me, I "Killed" Noel Edmunds.
(Thu 24th Feb 2005, 19:29, More)

» When I met the parents

Memories from the late 70s.
Parents, very middle class and victorian in their morals. Always liked to meet whoever I was going out with.
One Boxing Day evening new b/f came round to take me out. Shook hands with my Dad and said "Happy Christmas Mr Blake."*
Dad replies "That was yesterday."
B/f then shakes hands with my Grandad, who felt it necessary to exclaim "Cor, you've got sweaty hands".
Surprisingly a few nights later new b/f came round to take me out again. We went into the sitting room, where my parents were reading, to say we were off out.
Mum looks up from her book and says, "Oh! Before you go, do you know what 'frigging' means?"!

(* name may be a lie)
(Mon 23rd May 2005, 21:11, More)

» Pet Names

I had two female gerbils... my late teens. I can't remember what I called them originally, but after observing that they enjoyed some energetic girl-on-girl action I named them Dirty Gertie and Prudy Trudie. I thought it was hysterical at the vets, hearing the receptioinst call out their names.
(Wed 25th Feb 2004, 22:24, More)