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my real name is HYOLHYOLHYOLWBLWBLWBL. I think too much, and bad shit happens because of this.

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This one goes out
to all the people who've been forced to go to the wretched satanic place by their mum/wife/girlfriend.

(Fri 26th Jul 2002, 2:19, More)

latest in giraffe technology

(Mon 8th Apr 2002, 1:43, More)

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» Foot in Mouth Syndrome II

On the way back from seeing my girlfriend's dad in the coronary care unit
trying to lighten the situation in the car, I suggested, "Shall we pop into McDonalds?"

Well they do salads...
(Wed 22nd Aug 2012, 20:34, More)

» My most treasured possession

I don't own anything...
The government owns me, and will continue to do so until I've paid my student loan. What a wonderful country.
(Thu 8th May 2008, 20:37, More)

» Irrational Fears

Whenever I walk down the street and it's raining, you'll see me flinch and cower every time a brolly comes past. I can't stand the thought of the points going in my eyes. And grasshoppers. Because you don't know when they're going to jump.
(Fri 30th Jan 2004, 12:46, More)