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» My computer gave away my secrets

A friend of my housemate from australia came to stay with us for a little while...

I told him he could use my computer to access the net, an offer he duly took up. One night when I came back from work, I browsed to hotmail.com and his session was still active, leaving his email up on the screen (always remember to sign out kids!) complete with subject lines such as "thank you for your credit card payment"... aye aye thinks i, so i clicked - well, it turns out this bloke (who's well into his 40s) has a fetish for the "Adult Baby Scene"...

Yep, he'd been buying products from a specialist online store that sells big nappies, bunnets, bottles, cots and that sort of thing (he'd also been emailing girls from internet dating sites to find out if they were into nappies) - fair enough, it's a bit odd but i've heard stranger. Anyway, i told my housemate about it but i changed the protagonist to someone at work to save any embarrassment.

So the guy stays with us for a couple of weeks and turns out to be a bit of a pig of a houseguest really so after he'd gone i told my housemate that it was actually him and not someone at work.

First she went eeewww, then she laughed, then a classic look of realisation crossed her face as she remembered she had told the guy the story I'd told her!! hahahahahaahaaahaaa
(Fri 10th Feb 2006, 13:28, More)