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» I just don't get it

I will never understand...
The appeal of music like R & B and Garage and rap and shite like that. Why, oh why are the charts dominated by this soulless pathetic crap?
(Thu 31st Mar 2005, 13:06, More)

» Your Weirdest Teacher

Ahhhh memories
In my middle school, we had a PE teacher (Mr Funning) who despite being very big and scarey with a big manly moustache and everything used to wear skin tight spandex trousers every day, giving him the appearance of an 80's hair metal star.

One day, after a PE lesson, we were all told to go for a shower and we all did except for one boy - the school mentalist/outcast. Unfortunately, Mr Funning wasn't having any of it. We all stood there pissing ourselves with laughter as he stood there booming at the poor lad "Take your pants off NOW, BOY!!!"

Another teacher from my middle school was called Mr Bowler, who taught art. He smoked so much that his skin was a dark yellow colour. The great thing was, we discovered fairly early on that he would often mislay your work thus rendering the whole process of actually doing the work moot. This meant that whenever he asked you for a particular assignment you could just look puzzled and say that you'd already handed it in. It worked too.
(Wed 9th Nov 2005, 17:12, More)

» Guilty Pleasures

I like to sit in front of the tele burning my arm/leg hairs with a lighter.
(Sat 9th Apr 2005, 20:47, More)

» I just don't get it

Here's a joke...
A snail was walking down a road when a slug came up to him and said "Big Issue, mate?"

Didn't take me long to get but everyone I tell it to just stands there looking blank until I explain it.
(Thu 31st Mar 2005, 17:00, More)

» Near Death Experiences

I have a spacker friend...
A couple of years ago, while drunk, he drove his electric wheelchair into a pond and nearly drowned!
(Mon 29th Nov 2004, 23:18, More)
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