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» You're a moviestar baby

Major Ingram's fraudulent WWTBA Millionaire
My ex-girlfriend and I were in the audience of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire when Charles Ingram cheated (we are 2 rows from the top directly to the left hand side of the tunnel from which Tarrant appears). Incidentally, no one in the audience heard any suspicious coughing at all (at least we didn't).

Poor bastard, ITV's documentary made it look like the weakest stunt ever, but it was actually pretty convincing. And thanks to Ingram, I made almost a grand out of the story when I sold it to The Sun! (I know, that makes me a bastard, but I was/am a cash-strapped student)

I was in the audience for Trisha as well once - they drove us up to Norwich to watch it being filmed for free. Being the only young and non-chav audience members, we were asked to loiter in the background and 'be seated' by a helpful assistant in a Trisha T-shirt whilst Trisha herself recorded a taster about what was in store for today's show!
(Tue 16th Nov 2004, 17:56, More)