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Hello b3tans of earth,
I'm Vlad. yes.
umm.. I love the web.. and that's why i'm here :)

Cockweasle made a tribute, with teefs and Maiden font:

Thanks cockweasle! :)

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This is Rev. Jesse's work for the b3ta book of the dead:

I'm a Dirty Rat in Captain Wow's ship:


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» Tales of the Unexplained

Ghost Ship
I served 3 years in the Israeli navy on a small 60m ship. my ship was the oldest ship in the israeli navy and i'm 100% sure it was haunted.. i have alot of ghost-like stories but i will tell you one.

So, it's 3 o'clock at night, i'm standing and guarding the ship alone. not a single person is awake and the docks are dead silent. like every hour, i went down to the machinery room to write down the generator statistics. i got into the control room with my back to the machinery room, and then i heared a loud noise behind me (it sounded like someone jumped from the hatch above, which is 3m high from the metalic floor, and i heared quick steps towards the exit door.

I turned around (after almost pissing myself), and no one was there. my first though was that someone's just fucking with me, so i went to check it out, i went through every room inside the ship, no one was awake. went outside of the ship, no one there..

I finished my last 30 minutes of guarding with my heart in my pants, and afterwards i had a bit hard time falling asleep...

This is only one of the weird shit that happened there..
(Wed 9th Jul 2008, 6:24, More)

» Near Death Experiences

I was a stupid little boy..
I was on vacation with my parents in Egypt. There were a swiming pool there and it's water source was a sort of small waterfall, so i thought, "Hey, why don't i go up there, and jump down! that would be so cool". My friend sat and watched as i went up and he was still sitting and watching when i was in mid-air and remembered: "Hey, i don't know how to swim.. crap." and still he was sitting and watching as i was screaming for help while drowning. Some friend he is.. didn't even move from his seat. I was willing to give up when somehow from nowhere came my dad running and pulled me out. That was one of my many near death drowning experiences.
(Fri 3rd Dec 2004, 3:58, More)