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» Clients Are Stupid

I work in a music shop
the sheet music kind that is, and some of the stupid questions i get asked.

They:"I want a book"
Me:"which instrument is it for?"
They:"ooh, does it matter, cause its not for me."
Me:"ok, well do you know the title?"
They:"not really, its something music something, im not really sure, but it has the word music in the title"


They:"ya know this music malarky"
Me:"do you mean the sheet music?"
They:"no no, this book with music and stuff in it?"
Me:"that is the sheet music"
They:"oh right, well this bit..."
Me:"the stave?"
They:"no, that bit with the lines"
Me:"that is the stave"
They:"oh anyway, if i want a song do i have to buy the whole book?" random subject change
Me:"no you can buy a single song over there"
They:"but can't you photocopy one for me?"
Me:"No, that would break copyright laws"
They:"whats that then......?"
Me:"err, its there to stop people copying things"
They:"thats a bit silly isnt it?"
it carried on like this until they asked me to write the music out for them and i refused saying it was still in breach of copyright.
(Tue 30th Dec 2003, 11:40, More)

» Shoddy Presents

Bad Breath?
Someone once bought me and my sister a toothbrush and tooth paste each for christmas. Not only did that suck, but the tooth brush was a novelty crazy one which was too big to fit into a normal sized mouth, and the paste was that horrible bubble-gum flavoured stuff.
(Fri 24th Sep 2004, 9:36, More)

» Claims to Fame

The other night,
I met the one and only bodger and badger. Got a signed photo for my lil sister.
(Mon 28th Feb 2005, 1:46, More)

» Pure Ignorance

I work in a music shop,
we get so many stupid questions it's just not true. But some stand out. For instance the customer, who when standing next to the counter in the midst of lots and lots of sheet music books, asked "Do you sell music books?"
(Sun 9th Jan 2005, 11:33, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

two of my mates were in the audience on trisha, one even asked a question. I would have been there but when they asked if I wanted to go I thought they were pissing about.
(Wed 17th Nov 2004, 15:11, More)
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