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» I met a weirdo on the interweb

Looking to find other musicians
I used to have a few songs up on MP3.com - way back in 1999.

A couple of years later I was still getting emails through the MP3.com website, and one day I got an invitation from a guy in London who wanted to work with other musicians.

OK I thought, and looked at his webpage.

- Holy Shit! -

He was a weirdo satanic dude, with a whole load of BIZARRE mp3's available to hear. They sound a bit like a karaoke klingon opera being played on a wobbly tape deck:

(look under 'Songs')

Oh, and don't forget to check out the wonderful artwork:


I never did get back to him...
(Tue 21st Mar 2006, 20:17, More)

» Lies Your Parents Told You

"I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine."
That's a line from "One Night In Bangkok" (from the musical, "Chess"). When I heard it in the car one day (aged about 7), I asked my Dad what it meant.

He told me that in International chess matches, the players sometimes kicked each other under the table to try and put each other off...

I grew up thinking chess was a contact sport.
(Fri 16th Jan 2004, 13:23, More)

» Childhood bad taste

Fonkmaster Beats Da World!
My mum bought me a hooded fleece when I was about 14.

I was listening to GnR and Nirvana at the time, but my mum (bless her) bought this hoodie thing that said 'Fonkmaster Beats Da World!' on the back in BIG letters (in a circle around a globe).

Just in case anyone missed it, it said the same on the front, only a little smaller.

Quite who Fonkmaster was / is, or why he claimed to beat 'da world', I never knew... but I never wore it outside of my house.

My mum did, though.
(Mon 13th Dec 2004, 12:21, More)

» Sexism

I'm really disappointed by the replies this week.
Sorry, but a lot of you people need to get out more :-(
(Sat 2nd Jan 2010, 9:56, More)

» Bullies

How I stopped getting bullied:
I went from a very Catholic primary school, where there was really very little bullying - God was watching, you see - to a pretty rough secondary school.

I wasn't ready for it. I got roughed around for being bright and being crap at sports, and especially for being posh (by kids who had far more money than my family did, but there you go, that's what you get for liking to read books).

The kids at my school were right bastards. We used to 'collect' all the local nutcases, they'd get expelled from all the local schools and end up at ours, and some of them had no place being outside a special school.

But - when I was 15, I did something that basically stopped me from getting bullied ever again:

I started smoking. Smoking, you see, makes you look cool (when you're 15). Hanging around the bike sheds smoking a sly fag with the cool kids tends to stop them picking on you, not least because they know at some point they might have to bum a fag off you.
(Fri 15th May 2009, 17:14, More)
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