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I'm From Tulsa Oklahoma USA.

I have been in the Radio Business for over 30 years.

I collect Bad music. This strange hobby's beginnings stems from all the crap people send radio stations. I use to dig the BAD demos out of the rubbish can. Most of the average bad crap I get in the mail Is only worth the hard Jewel case it came in.

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» Teenage Parties

Ahead of our time
I loved to go to all the parties equipt with my mother's Polaroid camera. I would arrive hours after the party had started when everyone was finally getting loaded and then click away. Some of my friends, who awaited for my arrival would help me talk drunk friends into doing some of the most sickening things either to themselves or to someone else in the same condition.

The next day at school the pictures would show up infront of as many students as we could find. The advantage to attending a small highschool meant everyone would soon find out about the photos. Once in a while I could sneak my way into the teachers lounge where a copy machine was located and many copies of the photos would find there way in as many publuc places as possible. My favorite picture was taken when two girls who hated each other when they were sober were talked into making out. When they saw the photos back at school the next week they thought we had doctored the pictures. Remember this was back in teh 1970s long before Photoshop, long before home computers for that matter.
(Thu 13th Apr 2006, 19:45, More)