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i've pretty much stopped doing ... things.

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old?, meh

(Sun 30th May 2004, 4:53, More)

stop making shapes in my guiness

stupid bar steward.
(Wed 12th May 2004, 21:17, More)

edit: just incase my boss reads this - yes i still have flu, really.
(Mon 26th Apr 2004, 15:27, More)

leonard, in a leotard made from leopard

because i'm sick of Brian Blessed.
edit: blimey, ta all
(Sat 24th Apr 2004, 22:32, More)

not what i planned

Sorry, had to move the hosting of this to here

(Mon 23rd Feb 2004, 14:03, More)


Staring Chorlton Heston

eeeh, by eck, it's me first fp, cheers!
(Sat 27th Sep 2003, 9:54, More)

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» Shit Stories

our jack russell
once got a jagged section of bone stuck sideways in his rectum. I had to go in, with rubber gloves, hold him backwards under one arm and pry it loose. It was like playing the bagpipes, only with a nicer sound.
(Wed 5th May 2004, 22:39, More)

» Foot in Mouth Syndrome

a mate of mine
had a girlfriend who knew a few media types, they got invited to a posh party. Being a loud, northern, speak your mind type of bloke at one point my mate bellows out "who's that fat bloke over there that reckons he's Boy George?", and it was, and tumbleweeds did roll.
(Wed 21st Apr 2004, 22:29, More)

» Dad Jokes

Every Christmas
or big family meal, my dad will take the plate mat things and say
"these are big biscuits",
then grin and mug like an utter arse.
It use to make me cringe, now i dread it for months on end. I may shoot him this year.
(Wed 10th Dec 2003, 2:21, More)

» Losing Your Virginity

i've lost
my bike pump
(Sat 5th Mar 2005, 13:47, More)