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» The passive-aggressive guilt trip


Long story very short, I'm not overly close to my parents. And this is one reason why.

My mother (And father) Always call when they need the lawn mowed. No other reason what so ever...

As soon as I pick it up and know it's them, I know there's a lawn that they want mowed. Every single time. BUT.. (And this is a good one.)

They NEVER come out and say "Will you mow the lawn." They say "You know, the lawn is getting a little long." Or "You know, nobody's mowed the lawn in a while."

I just want them to be honest and not pretend that they're interested in anything but having the law mowed, is that too much to ask?

*sighs* At least I get paid a little for it.
(Thu 13th Oct 2005, 18:00, More)

» Scary Neighbours

Not scary..
But closest thing...

Live in an apartment next to an apartment. The aparement has several young people. The loud parties, I can deal with as I'm a late riser, nightowl or whatever you want to call it.

Now, the praticing drums at 4am is something elese entierly.

No bad jokes about length/width/height or how deep it went.
(Sun 28th Aug 2005, 6:37, More)

» Injured Siblings

I actually lifted my sister via her underwear about two feet off the ground and threw her onto the couch... that's pretty bad innit?
(Tue 23rd Aug 2005, 6:56, More)

» You're a moviestar baby

Was part of the "Anna in wonderland" episode about furries. Does that count for anything?
(Sat 13th Nov 2004, 4:14, More)