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Hiya. My website can be found here. You can e-mail me at tungazzio at gmail dot com (also my MSN). Yay for Trillian; I can now use AIM, ICQ and Y!M without actually having to use them.
I'm tungazzio in AIm and Y!M, 164604181 in ICQ.

I like to Flashmash, and I'm getting back into B3ta again, possibly.

Yes I am merely 13 14 15 16 17 18 19, but I am at least one of: a genie; a genius; a psycho; a samurai-ninja-pirate-dinosaur-robot-gorilla-gangster-pimp; a superior force. I have some good enough hosting now!

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» What's the most horrific thing you've seen?

One from London Zoo
I feel pretty neutral to this, but I wonder what you lot might think.

Well, I was taking a few snaps of my good ol' friend, the king vulture, when I saw the mouthwatering delicacy prepared for him:

Click to start eating. WARNING: linked picture contains a dandelion.

I'm glad the chef at the zoo understands that presentation is key in preparing gourmet food.
(Sun 24th Jun 2007, 17:25, More)