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Just Some Guy's quickly thrown
together profile due to being egged on........

I'm getting quite worried now, 'cos I keep getting emails titled 'Hi, I saw your profile on the Internet' and this is the only place I have one. So all I can read into that is that you're average B3tan is a scantily clad Russian transvestite with an unusally close relationship with the pet Alsatian.


Although prone to occasional attacks of hummus, I'm not much of an artist so most posts will be of a poor quality,
which I am hoping to cover up by talking bollocks a lot and being thick skinned.

Hobbies: Making music, reefer, footie, baby juggling

Dislikes: Being tortured with pointy instruments, people who don't laugh when you say the funniest fucking thing ever (well I thought so anyway)

Heroes: Homer Simpson, Paul Hardcastle (the guy who did n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nineteen - he packed in his job and spent his entire redundancy on a fairlight sampler. All his mates took the piss, but 2
months later he was at number 1)


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Has this been done yet?

I'm relying on 'cruelty to animals' humour to mask the fact that I couldn't be arsed to animate the monkey....

Woo, Front Page.I've always wanted to make me Mum proud.
(Sun 29th Jun 2003, 20:58, More)

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