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» Scars with history

Cue Jesus Scar
One time I was hopping a fence and I fell and the sharp tops of those chainlink fences yeah, they went through my wrists. I couldn't push myself up because my feet didn't reach the ground and I sure as hell wasn't going to flex my arms. So my dad had to come and unhook me.


(Tho brother Jesus had his through the palms of his hands, not under his wrists.)
(Tue 8th Feb 2005, 11:15, More)

» Black Sheep

I went to a family wedding. My cousin (who was not the one getting married) hooked up with this guy at the wedding. She was supposed to fly back home to Australia after the wedding.

My grandmother thought my cousin had flown back to my Aunt in Australia and my Aunt thought that my cousin was still with my grandma.

It worked for about two weeks. Then there was a confused email exchange and they tracked her down at some bloke's house.
(Wed 19th Jan 2005, 5:17, More)