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My name is Mike Hayes and I live in Wallasey in Merseyside. My birth certificate says i'm 16 so I suppose i'll have to take that.

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» School Trips

York Dungeons
During a return trip from York Dungeons, the coach breaks down and we are stuck in a service station car park for 2 hours. As we haven't eaten in a while, the school treats us to one burger each from the McDonald's inside. As one of our peers is a diabetic, he is allowed to have a whole, large meal. This enrages an other student, who in an angry outburst shouts; "He's diabetic?? The lucky sod!!"
(Tue 12th Dec 2006, 8:59, More)

» Little things that turn you on

Two tits...
... a hole and a heartbeat, that's all it takes for me.
(Sun 20th Feb 2005, 13:50, More)

» Essential Items

My limbs...
... I generally carry them around all the time.
(Thu 27th Oct 2005, 14:08, More)