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So you've come here for the facts have you?
This is me, and these are the facts. FACT!

Hurrah, i've just made my profile look shit using djols
I can't be arsed to mess with teh CSS myself page
. Which is really excellent. Although I seem to have broken the bottom bit. Hmmmmmm.

Look at the lovely greenness everywhere. Does it remind you of broccoli? Does that make you feel dirty?

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meanwhile, at the road sign factory

The lads were working overtime trying to perfect that pesky 'No motor vehicles' sign
(Mon 1st May 2006, 17:52, More)

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» The Police

those barmy french pleasemen
Was interailing around Europe, arrived all alone in Grenoble in the Alps at about 11.30, having cleverly prebooked the youth hostel.

Find tram system. Find unfriendly looking ticket inspector. Ask him which tram to get to the youth hostel. He lies.

End up lost deep in an industrial estate. Flag down a passing policecar to ask directions. They ask how I ended up here. Can't remember the word for ticket inspector, so tell them a policeman told me to go there.

Promptly get a lift the 20minute drive to the Youth Hostel on entirely the otherside of town.

huzzah! vive la france. that's what our coppers could be like if they weren't too busy trying to catch Rob's landlord serving after hours.
(Wed 28th Sep 2005, 3:27, More)