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I am Mikey C. I love you more than life itself. I also like ninjas, pirates, kittens and various other interweb clich├ęs.

Oh yes go to my website where I write silly things - it is excellent:

My favourite things on there are:

The pub men
Adventures in time and space

I am inane at @amazingmikeyc

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» My Worst Date

Worst Date Ever
The worst date I ever went on was really depressing. I waited and waited for this girl to turn up and she never did. It was awful, because I really thought we had something special

I rang her later and she denied that I'd ever asked her out. Turns out I'd dreamt it! Disappointing that I'd dreamt a lot of other stuff too, although in retrospect I did wonder where my flabby beer belly had gone.
(Sun 24th Oct 2004, 20:20, More)

» Unexpected Good Fortune

Twix Twix
Yes! Last week, I put 40p in the vending machine at work, and not one but TWO Twixes came out.

Best day ever.
(Sat 16th Sep 2006, 20:46, More)

» Where is the strangest place you have slept?


(Sat 30th Dec 2006, 13:56, More)

» Impromptu Games You Play

Beer-mat snap
This game works best without warning in a pub with 3 or 4 people.

Collect lots of identical beermats from around your table. Deal them out. Everyone, confused, picks up their beermats. Then you put your beermat down. Next person does too... then shout "SNAP".

Its brilliant.
(Mon 29th Mar 2004, 20:53, More)

» Personal Hygiene

train terror
I had the squits on the train once. Nobody wanted to sit next to me, because I smelled of poo!
(Thu 22nd Mar 2007, 20:26, More)
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