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» My computer gave away my secrets

how to tell when a relationship really should be over...
I was going out with a fella at the time, and the relationship still much in it's infancy. He lived outside of london and so we saw each other at weekends, and chatted online and on the phone during the week. On this occasions, he was staying with me for a week, supposedly looking for a job in london.

I'd left him at home one day while I went to work, and I knew he was online all day long cos I was chatting to him on MSN for most of it.
That evening, me and a few mates went to a concert at Brixton Academy. Me fella wasn't interested in going (It was Air, they're shit live, even more so when one of your mates gets too stoned and you have to sit with them outside while they're having a whitey). So anyhow, my fella goes out for dinner with one of his mates instead, and says he will be home not long after me.
I get home and wait for him before going to bed, and it gets later and later and later, and he doesnt show up. I get suspicious, so go to the computer and check the Internet Explorer history - to find he's spent most of his day on Gaydar. I try to view one of the pages in the history, only IE tries to load it from the server, which fails.... Not to be defeated, I put IE into "work offline" mode, and lo & behold, I can read all of his messages.

And it turns out that he's a prostitute, and is out on a "special date".

No wonder he never came home that night.

I think he cottoned on to me snooping on him - he was very careful to clear the history from then onwards, and the "relationship" was over by the end of the week.

Not, sadly, before he'd managed to break my bed, and even more sadly, he *wasn't* demonstrating his sexual prowess on me at the time.

I never told him I knew about his evening job. Nor did I mention to him that his application to join the police might be frowned upon if they knew about. I still to this day haven't confessed that I know his secret.

I guess there's not many people out there who can say they've had their bed broken by a whore they were dating at the time. We're still friends now. I'm just saving this little revelation for the right time. Unless he reads this site, in which case he might have put together 2+2 by now....
(Tue 14th Feb 2006, 16:18, More)