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» Shit Stories

On a school ski trip...
to austria i managed to pull off the biggest shit you ever did see. As it was austria they had those german style toilets where your shit rests on a shelf before u flush (no idea why but hey) so after my giant struggle of the push i was left with a giant turd about the width of my arm lying there looking up at me...... the bastard wouldnt flush!!! So ten minutes someone walked in to the cubicle already expecting something nasty (the smell was horrific). I could hear the shout from my room down the corridor. Not content with beating it with the guy went and got his mates to have a look who al brought cameras and posed beside it as if it was theirs, strange people. After its fifteen minutes of fame the turd remained there overnight until i was awoken by loud scream of disgust of the cleaning lady.....
(Thu 6th May 2004, 19:40, More)