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This is the "official" photo of me, because it's the only one where I'm wearing a suit...

Official Website: www.coulls.com

Not a graphics guy in any way, but here's something that explains my big issue...

Apparently, this is a 5, but I see a 2...

I'm one of the few colourblind people up here...

As such, at work I'm not allowed to pick the office paint colours or interact with the graphics department when it comes to pallette issues. I also wear a lot of black and white clothes (unless I'm told what will work with what when I buy clothes).

I passed a canadian colour-blindness trick-test with flying colours in mid 2003 (again), so I'm still classed as colour challenged.

This is why most of my serious challenge entries are in grey scale.

Constructive criticism is always well recieved with me, as this is how I learn...

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Name: Jason (Jase) Coulls. Silly sense of humour, 31yrs old, born in Chatham, Kent. Been working in Toronto (Canada) since late 1998.

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There's a version with Pete Tong's exercise routine at this page...

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» Claims to Fame

Toilet Duck
OK - I'm a geek, and worse than that, I'm a geek with "normal and simple" logic. Johnson & Johnson's Pot Pourri Toilet Duck had a different barcode colour after 1996 when I worked out that shining a red laser onto a pink barcode (really a shade of red) that is placed on a white piece of card (making the card red as well when the laser went across it) meant the barcode was invisible and multiplying 360 UK Safeway stores x an average of 16 lanes per store (5760 lanes) x 3 toilet duck blocks per day per lane (17280 blocks per day) x 7 days per week = 120960 blocks per week, times 60 seconds of not being able to scan it (and re-trying, typing it in, etc) = 7257600 seconds per week = 2016 hrs per week nationwide x £4.50 per hour = £9072/week.

Last time I came home to the UK (2003), the pot pourri version was still printed with the barcode in black, even though everything else was pink on the back of the packaging.


(Wed 2nd Mar 2005, 4:29, More)

» People with Stupid Names

Silly names...
If you ever investigate the cornish language, you'll find several words that when applied to names brings a whole new meaning to Arts and Entertainment...

To give you an idea, here's three:
1) Cal (Penis)
2) Pen (Head)
3) Bram (Fart)

So, things like "Bram Stoker's Dracula" takes on a new meaning... You can imagine my reaction in a Toronto cinema this summer when a trailer came on and a big booming narrator mentioned the film starred "Kal Penn".

Laugh? I cried for 10 minutes and so did everyone else about 20 feet around me when I managed to stop laughing and share the joke with them...

(Before anyone says it, I know it's "Pen Cal" in cornish - but it's still damn funny)
(Sat 28th Aug 2004, 5:38, More)